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Depending on other changes that have been made, or module's that have been added since the last time you logged in with IIS Manager, there may be several more assemblies to install.Once logged into your site with IIS Manager, you will see the PHP Manager icon under the IIS section. Once inside the PHP Manager, you'll see an option to "Change PHP version." From the drop down, select the version of PHP. After changing your version, you can select the "Check phpinfo()" link to be sure it's working. For customers reaching this article after receiving a notification that your version of PHP was upgraded from 5.2.13 to 5.2.14: if your site experiences any problem after the upgrade and/or after changing your PHP version back to 5.2.13, you may need to restart your application pool, or contact technical support.So copy pasting the mysql data files from old to new xampp won’t work anymore!

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To install IIS manually, use the following steps: Once you have IIS and PHP installed, you can add a PHP application to your web server.

This section describes how to set up your PHP application on an IIS web server with PHP installed.

To learn more about the Web PI, see Learn more and install the Web PI.

If you do not use Web PI to install IIS, you can install IIS manually.

Hello First of all why do you want to upgrade PHP when you have the minimum version required for Laravel ?

“I tried to install laravel and I was told I needed php 5.4 or newer.To ensure php content is served as the first option the default document setting within the IIS Manager needs to be modified.This section will detail how to modify the Default Document setting within the IIS Manager to perform just this. I have php 5.4.8 and I want to upgrade to php 5.6.5.I'm running xampp on windows 8.1”Because with the PHP version you already have, it is fine to work on Laravel.One of the great things about WAMP is that it allows you to easily switch between different versions of PHP.

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