Updating zune library

Zune Marketplace Software offers music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and music videos.

The Zune Social is a service integrated with Xbox Live that allows users to manage friends, send messages, and compare music.

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All previous podcasts are kept in the Music I did not (seem to) need a restart.

I had a partly-listened-to TWi T from last evening.

For more information about updating your Zune device, or to troubleshoot issues with updating, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: How to update your Zune device.

After you update your Zune firmware to version 3.0 or later, you won't need to perform this step again.

Purchasing items from it requires Microsoft Points or a Zune Pass.

Zune Pass is a subscription music service that allows the user to temporarily download an unlimited number of songs for the length of the Zune Pass subscription, as well as permanently keep up to 10 tracks per month.

- Zune Windows XP SP3 : Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library Runtime Error!

C:\Program Files\Zune\This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

I have my home folder shared with the guest and set the zune library to monitor my Music, Videa, etc folders on the shared drive (shown as X:\ in the guest). I've tried opening and closing Zune after changing the library locations, rebooting, dragging and dropping the files from explorer windows to the zune library. I also couldn't "reverse sync" by copying files off my Zune as a guest to the library, although the library did see my Zune.

I don't want to try a sync in case I can't get music back on my Zune and I music in my ears. UPDATE: No media files from the share can be opened in the guest.

Zune is a Microsoft entertainment platform and portable media player.

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