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The carb-phobic diet book was written in the ‘70s and got insanely popular in the ‘90s; since then, people have obsessed over their meat intake.And lately, we’ve been hearing far too much about meat-only diets—and a little less about vegetarian diets. ) we spoke with Ruth Frechman, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, and looked at the facts. There are plenty of ways to spice up your relationship with your significant other, but some of the best memories are made when you both leave your comfort zones and try something completely new.

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But is there any weight to either of these eating ways? All-meat cons “Meats have high levels of saturated fat and can raise cholesterol,” Frechman says.

Because of it’s high-fat content, red meat has been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Before we see the evidence that Hitler wasn't a vegetarian, it's important to look at where the argument that he was comes from, because it's an argument that's rarely made honestly.

People who insist that Hitler was a vegetarian usually just "heard it" somewhere, and immediately assumed it was true.

Most weekends for our family in the summer months consisted of camping, picnics, river rafting, and weekend car rides.

Sundays, of course, were filled with church services, always a nap, and sometimes a relaxing car ride. Dip corn tortillas in sauce, then put in pan and fill with veggie mixture and cheese and roll up.

Wrestling Superstar Austin Aries has won championships in 11 organizations since his first professional match in 2000.

In 2016 he made headlines as the first vegan wrestler to ever sign a contract with the WWE.

But that’s not as good as it sounds—this process is called ketosis and it can result in muscle and joint pain.

High-protein diets can also result in a strain on your kidneys and dehydration.

Apparently many people want to believe that Hitler was a vegetarian.


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