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I’m really passionate about immigrant stories — especially now when the climate is so anti-immigrant…Let’s show what it really means to be an immigrant battling old world and new world views, and where you fit in this dichotomy.

Like, "OK, if I stay later, if I crush my cases, if I do this, I'll get a promotion." There's a trajectory for that.

But then it's like, "OK, well, if I'm a caring girlfriend, if I get my body right, if I do all the things on the outside and on the inside then that should lead to a relationship, right? she's exactly who you believe she is and probably even better.

' Like, we get to be friends and they cut us a check for that? Why do black shows like "Insecure" seem to resonate so well right now?

, the hilarious Yvonne Orji plays Issa’s ultra-successful best friend, Molly Carter.

A lot of black people are like, “Nah, we don’t need therapy, we go to church”…which is still equally important, but at the same time, there are actual people who have degrees in deciphering what exactly your issues might be, and helping you to get to a place of closure or growth…I think highlighting that shows that, hey, therapy is not a bad thing. We highlighted how there are so many ways to feel about it — like when Molly says [a therapist is] a fake friend you have to pay for. But then she sees her friend Crystal [who has started seeing a therapist] who currently feels lighter, and happier, and different — and she decided well, is there more to it?

— we released it on the web, but it was never meant to be a web series.Throughout the first season — which is available today on Blu-ray and DVD — we watch Molly reign as a powerful lawyer with an incredible apartment and killer wardrobe, all while navigating her workplace as a black woman, majorly failing in her dating life, and being half of one of the realest, funniest, and most moving female friendships on television.Orji brilliantly portrays the complex character as she self-sabotages relationships and downloads dating app after dating app.What's so funny is, I had a meeting with someone on Tuesday and he said, "So, you're the face of virginity! " Like, "I am virgin, but there's other things about me." So it's not annoying because it's a thing that I am, but it's just like OK, well what else? Hopefully I'll see you around." Hopefully you'll see me around? My 17-year-old self was not trying to be waiting, but I got bamboozled by Jesus. And so I would go on these dates that I knew weren't going anywhere. She just wants this one thing so bad and it's elusive to her how to go about it. You have these women of color who are crushing it, killing it at work.I think what could be annoying is when some people are like, "In 2017 though? But I just thought that was hysterical to be called the face of virginity. And so if this is not your testimony that's fine, but here's what you can wait for in a relationship that is still equally as important. One time I remember going on a foodie call and the conversation was so bad that I was like, "You know what? I'm sure I could get tuna for a dollar somewhere."Tell me about portraying such a sexually liberated character. They're CEOs and they're professionals and they know how to get ahead in that realm.You can come back at the end of your 30-day period for another 10 free articles, or you can purchase a subscription and continue to enjoy valuable local news and information.

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