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Obviously, you’re no stranger to the world of music, and your output is very well known, but what inspired you in the last handful of years to work on a new album?

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I went in to do a test on one song to see how it would go, and we worked for just a week, and it went really well, which pissed me off, and so I was like, “Goddamnit, this is good, and this is fun.” I feel like it sucks when you feel like you’re getting better at something, and the business of it starts to dissipate.

So I was like, “OK, let’s make another record, but let’s do it quickly. Let’s do it fast, and let’s do it in six months.” Cut to three years later, and it’s finally finished, but when I started the record, I guess I had a very clear thematic direction, and I really wanted to make an album about homosexuality.

by Stipe – 26th August 2017 Unfortunately due to circumstances outside our mutual control we regret to advise that the above show has been postponed to Saturday 10th February.

REM are unlikely to tour anytime soon, so REM fans, what better way to spend a Summer Saturday with fine tribute?

De retour en Floride, à l'âge de dix ans, River se présente d'abord à de petits concours de chant locaux puis, déménageant en Californie et poussé par sa mère, il se présente à des castings pour la télévision.

Il finit par obtenir le rôle de Guthrie Mc Fadden dans la série Seven Brides for Seven Brothers avec Richard Dean Anderson puis quelques rôles dans des téléfilms, en particulier Surviving (1985) où il donne la réplique à Ellen Burstyn et Paul Sorvino.

Pour sa performance dans My Own Private Idaho, River a recueilli de grandes louanges et remporté une Coupe Volpi à la Mostra de Venise, ainsi qu'une récompense du meilleur acteur de la part du National Society of Film Critics.

Il a été cité par John Willis comme l'un des douze du roman initiatique Siddhartha de Hermann Hesse.

Mostly, I wanted to reflect the narratives that I was living.

I feel like we’re living through such a crazy time of change with technology and sexuality and the way those two things integrate, and how relationships are shifting—there’s really a kind of sexual, emotional, psychological shift that’s happening in gay culture at large.

As regular visitors to the festival scene, leading venues and with gigs into Europe, Stipe have earned the praise of “awesome” from R.


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