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Anticipation for the Wii U’s successor, now known as Nintendo Switch, has run high since March 2015, which likely did nothing to help Wii U sales.

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Nintendo is ending production on Wii U consoles Friday, Nov. That would mark the end of the oft-troubled console’s lifespan, which saw dramatically slowed sales over the course of its four years on the market.

Eurogamer reports that the deadline for retailers to place orders for the console was Oct. Those will be the final new shipments sent to stores.

Nintendo said it had shipped just under 13.5 million consoles by Sept. The company repeatedly cut its sales forecast for the console due to unimpressive numbers throughout its lifespan, especially in the last two years.

In its latest earnings report, Wii U sales posted a 53 percent year-over-year decrease.

If connected to the internet, Switch will normally prompt you to update when you next launch the game.

You can also manually check for updates from the Home Menu.Updating Digital 3DS: 1) Find the “Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” game by searching for it by name.2) On the bottom screen it will show “To Update Screen”.An option to hide certain applications from the Quick Start screen has been added in Quick Start Settings under Power Settings.The option to transfer data from one Wii U console to another is now available in System Settings.Changes in system software version 5.5.2EA menu for managing amiibo has been added to System Settings Data for an amiibo can be managed in amiibo Settings, for example by registering the owner’s Mii and nickname to the amiibo, or by deleting data from the amiibo.


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