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As I was observing the surroundings, scribbling something on the page, contemplating the bizarre circumstances, writing a few more sentences, observing the other people writing, it became clear to me that I was not interested in this question, I am not interested in absurd projections.

If at the beginning I thought it was my lack of imagination, I quickly changed my mind.

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For 30 years his bookkeepers had recorded on their knotted ) accounts not only everything the Spanish had received from Xauxa warehouses but also, on separate knot-strings, everything that had been considered stolen.

The outsider visiting the Andes perceives two overwhelming geographic realities: the Pacific coastal desert stretching for thousands of miles and the high Andes rising parallel to the coast.

The thing is that the idea of projecting myself into a hypothetical future makes me want to throw up, and to stare at the horizon gives me unbearable headaches. And certainly, he can see further beyond the horizon of art professionals (curators, artists, and critics), who, gathered here for the Venice Biennale, can only imagine what extends beyond the limits of their obstructed views and can only dream of whats big yacht from mooring by the Grand Canal.

which means to separate, to divide; it is a way of establishing boundaries and imagining a world clearly divided into two, into who gets to play a part and who never will. But, the future is neither a right to be demanded and then granted by some supreme authority (the King), nor is it a commodity one can buy at a concept-store.

The world as we know it today is called The Fifth World.

What came before is described in The Fourth World (and covered by a separate game, Earthdawn).

One indicator of this social unity is extant even now: The coastal desert was inhabited for millennia by fishermen, and many of their settlements have been studied by archaeologists.

The people in these communities were familiar with the sea and depended heavily on its products, but from very early times they also used and possibly cultivated native varieties of cotton.

A compilation of film resources about Native Americans available in the MSU Libraries.


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